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Lean/XP Full-Stack Software Engineer with a DevOps mindset. I do backend development and frontend development. I set up development infrastructures, define software and enterprise architectures, have lots of interest in operations and coach teams in adopting eXtreme Programming principles.

Along the years I have been a bit everything: Software Engineer, (Architect), Technical Team Leader, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Technical Coach.

I like to help teams in creating meaningful software, with a keen eye for code quality and software delivery process - from customer interaction to continuous delivery. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, I believe and practice that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries. To me feature delivery and code quality goes hand in hand.


Software engineering

My primary role is "Software Engineer". I have 20 years of experience. I still code and I am passionate about this. This is my bread and butter. But I am not a Monkey Coder. I do the whole shebang. From inception over coding, testing, setting up the infrastructure, to releasing into production and monitoring the damned application.

I pay a lot of attention to quality of code and maintainability.

Without these skills, I cannot be a proper Agile Technical Coach. I cannot help organisations achieve a state of Continuous Delivery. Everything I know, I learned through delivering working software in production.

Agile Technical Coaching

Based on the 20+ years of experience delivering software applications I help teams in adopting the practices that make Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

I coach in working in Small Increments, having a Decoupled Codebase, Simple Design and Fast Builds and adopting Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Expand-Contract, Pair Programming, Test Automation, Collective Ownership and Hiding Unfinished Functionality.

Continuous Delivery

I help organisations and teams achieve a state of Continuous Delivery, i.e. being able to release product increments sufficiently reliably and quickly to satisfy customer demand.

This means first and foremost adopting a series of both technological and organisational changes that will help teams deliver significantly faster at a sustainable pace, with higher quality and lower costs. Which changes to adopt and in which order is specific to the unique circumstances and constraints of your organisation. There is simply no fixed roadmap to the adoption of Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery is not a tooling problem. The tooling part is the easy part to solve. It is really about a change of organisational mindset.

I'm available for online Continuous Delivery coaching at the rate of 200 EUR per hour excl. VAT. You can check my availability here.


I Have 99 Problems - Where Do I Start? The Theory of Constraints Applied

Your IT organisation is surrounded by problems preventing it to satisfy market demand on time with the required quality. Where do you start?

From twice a year to twice a month: the story of No More Majors

The Belgian Federal Pension Service (SFPD) has a large IT department with more than a dozen teams working on the same application. Over the course of a few years, these teams developed an agile way of working at the team level but were struggling to work effectively on a larger scale.

Continuous Delivery in 4 months for 15 teams and their 1 monolith

15 teams, 1 shared monolith, 1 release every 6 months, and product demand for 1 release every 2 weeks. How do you know where to start with Continuous Delivery, when you’re surrounded by technology and organisational challenges?

Feature Branching considered Evil

Feature branching is again gaining in popularity due to the rise of distributed version control systems. Although branch creation has become very easy, it comes with a certain cost. Long living branches break the flow of the software delivery process, impacting throughput and stability.

Continuous Delivery is more than just Tooling, It's a Mindset

So your organisation wants to implement Continuous Delivery. But is your organisation ready for this ? Does it have the right mindset ? To be successful with Continuous Delivery, you have to adopt the proper mindset as a whole organisation. Just throwing tools at it will not do the job.

3M EUR later: Moving a team to become Agile in a Company with Too Much Money

How do you go from a ragtag of people having no idea what it means to be Agile, stuck in eternal maintenance and operational work, applying none of the basic software engineering practices to a team of DevOps delivering value for their customers in sprints of 2 weeks ?

Facts and Fallacies of Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery brings a lot of value to your organisation. It will allow you to reduce your time to market for new features and bug fixes. It is a significant predictor of company performance.


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On the Evilness of Feature Branching - Why do Teams use Feature Branches

In part 1 of this series - a Tale of Two Teams - I introduced two quite different teams. One novice team practising trunk-based development, the other experienced but being used by GitFlow. Now I would like to explore why teams use feature branches. What are their reasons? What problems are they trying to solve with long-running branches?

On the Evilness of Feature Branching - A Tale of Two Teams

On the experience of working with two totally different teams: one novice practising trunk-based development, the other very experienced being used by GitFlow.

Testable IAM Policy documents

Pulumi is the new kid on the block in the cloud infrastructure as code arena. I was relieved to find Pulumi. Finally, we have testable Infrastructure as Code. We can write fast unit tests that we can execute locally without needing the cloud. However, I was a bit disappointed. Pulumi does not have a full representation of IAM Policy documents. Fortunately, it was relatively easy to build a library that did this!

Hiring Questions

A set of questions I use during the occasional times I have to run an interview to hire engineers inside an agile team.

Shades of Conway's Law

Over time, different people have articulated Conway’s Law in various different ways. This is an overview of the variations I found when recently going over Conway’s Law literature.

On the Evilness of Feature Branching

Branch creation became very easy with the advent of Distributed Version Control Systems. However, it comes at an unquestionable cost. Long living branches break the flow of the IT delivery process, impacting both stability and throughput.

Five Years of Public Speaking

It has been five years since I started with public speaking. I wanted to share my journey into public speaking. My highs and my lows. Maybe my experience as a shy, introverted person can help others.

Scrum Master Toolbox Interview - Continuous Delivery for Scrum teams

Back in October 2019, Vasco Duarte wanted to perform a bonus series on Continuous Delivery for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. By chance, I got part of this series.

Speaking at EuroSTAR Conference 2020

This week I will be speaking at EuroSTAR Conference 2020.

Continuous Integration is Not a Tooling Problem

There is this commonly accepted, hard-grained belief in the software industry. By dropping a build server in a team, they get Continuous Integration magically for free. This belief is further incentivised by the marketing of build server vendors.

Interview with Thierry de Pauw — about his journey with Continuous Delivery

In this post, Leena interviews Thierry de Pauw, a Software Engineer who coaches on Continuous Delivery and other Software Engineering Practices. His focus is helping teams to improve the flow of software delivery.


Keynote - Quality vs/and Speed by Ian Larsen

Clarke Ching organised the online conference ToC Down-Under Summit 2021 at Sydney time. I was able to attend the first two presentations of each day. These are my notes of the keynote of day 2 given by Ian Larsen.

Keynote - Three big questions in ToC by Justin Roff-Marsh

Clarke Ching organised the online conference ToC Down-Under Summit 2021 at Sydney time. I was able to attend the first two presentations of each day. These are my notes of the keynote of day 1 given by Justin Roff-Marsh.

Conway’s three other laws by Mike Amundsen

Most of us know about Conway’s adage “Any organization will produce a design which is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.” But Conway coined four laws in his 1968 paper “How Do Committees Invent?” What are the other ones? Why are we not talking about them? And what do they tell us about optimizing teams in a distributed world? – Mike Amundsen

How Do Committees Invent? by Melvin Conway

This is the paper behind Conway’s Law. I’ve assembled some snippets from the paper that triggered me and added some thoughts.

Evolution from #NoProjects to Continuous Digital by Allan Kelly

We are trying to tell something positive about #NoProjects instead of just saying No.

Analytics rebooted - a workshop by Anand Bagmar

My notes from the Anand Bagmar’s Analytics workshop I followed at AADays 2018 in Poland.

Kickstart your Performance Testing by Konrad Marszalek

My notes from a performance testing workshop I followed at AADays 2018 in Poland. It was my very first encounter with performance testing.

Continuous Delivery and Conway’s Law by Allan Kelly

This is a full transcript of Allan Kelly’s “Continuous Delivery and Conway’s Law” at the LondonCD Meetup. It gives an in-depth overview of what Conway’s Law is, how it impacts organisational and system design and how it relates to Continuous Delivery.

Make the agile transition work! And what HR can do to support it... by Maike Goldkuhle

These are my notes on Maike Goldkuhle’s session at XP2017 on HR and Agile. I wanted to attend this session because there is very little said about the role of HR in agile transitions.

Measuring Continuous Delivery by Steve Smith

This is a full write out, almost word for word, of Steve Smith’s presentation ‘Measuring Continuous Delivery’ at Pipeline Conf 2017. I’ve written this presentation down, together with the first version of this presentation at the LondonCD meetup, to be better prepared to review Steve’s book Measuring Continuous Delivery.

Acceptance Testing for Continuous Delivery by Dave Farley

Dave Farley describes approaches to acceptance testing that allow teams to work quickly and effectively, build functional coverage tests and maintain those tests throughout change.

Beautiful REST + JSON APIs by Les Hazlewood

Les Hazlewood, CTO @ Stormpath gives an in-depth overview of what makes a RESTful API. The original video on which these notes are based is not available any more. I fell back on the video of JAXConf.

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