Scrum Master Toolbox Interview - Continuous Delivery for Scrum teams

Back in October 2019, Vasco Duarte wanted to perform a bonus series on Continuous Delivery for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. By chance, I got part of this series.

I’m making a list of people who are Continuous Delivery practitioners and can share their journey on the podcast.

Who would you interview if you had a chance? #scrum #agile #devops #continuousdelivery

– Vasco Duarte, Oct 1, 2019

Vasco wanted to interview actual practitioners that have been in the trenches implementing Continuous Delivery. For some mysterious reason, Oskari Porkka mentioned my name.

My choice would be @tdpauw

– Oskari Porkka, Oct 10, 2019

So, here I was, honoured to be interviewed by Vasco. During the interview, we cover many aspects:

  • How I got into trunk-based development and later Continuous Delivery;
  • How Theory of Constraints can help with the adoption of Continuous Delivery;
  • How to kickstart a Continuous Delivery program with The Improvement Kata.

During this bonus podcast series on Continuous Delivery, I was actually in excellent company. Vasco has other episodes with: