A Tribute to Self

A breath of kindness to remind me of the lovely people who appreciate me.

Update Mar 9, 2022: Add reactions to the publication of this article.

Update Mar 9, 2022: Add more tributes from the time around XP2017.

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@tdpauw demolishing the reasons for feature branching one by one #XP2017

– Giovanni Asproni (@gasproni), May 23, 2017

I liked your preso very much.

– Jeff Sussna (@jeffsussna), May 24, 2017

your use of illustrations was very effective

– Jeff Sussna (@jeffsussna), May 24, 2017

My pleasure. I really enjoy materials which challenge that which has become (essentially) “unchallengeable.” Great job!

– Ash Winter, (@northern_tester), May 24, 2017

@tdpauw nice preso, BTW

– Paul Hammant (@paul_hammant), May 25, 2017

And yes it’s great to see this preso get so much positive feedback, including from the Godfather of TBD :)

– Steve Smith (@SteveSmith_Tech), May 29, 2017

A solid argument against feature branching, arguing that there are many ways of using a distributed version control system, not all of them good.


– DevOps Weekly, #335 May 28, 2017

@tdpauw congrats for the devops weekly mention : https://speakerdeck.com/tdpauw/xp2017-feature-branching-is-evil ! Not sure I have always the maturity for it.

– Stéphan Mestach (@mestachs), May 29, 2017

Thierry de Pauw live in very shortly at Room 3. Make sure to get down to the stages early as places fill up fast 🚀🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ @CodemotionIT @tdpauw

– Codemotion (@CodemotionIT), Nov 29, 2018

Narcissism or not, enjoy it to the full. You’ve worked for it, challenged yourself and achieved it. All on your own. You deserve to celebrate it. But most important of all, keep on doing it.

– Beren Van Daele (@isleoftesting), Dec 4, 2018

I heard a wise man a while ago say that you are amazing. Now over 300 people were intrigued enough to teat this assumption 😉

– Erik Talboom (@talboomerik), Dec 4, 2018

@ChrisAnnODell @tdpauw Hey, Both of you! Stop whining! You know you are very good speakers, get over it!

– Giovanni Asproni (@gasproni), Jan 17, 2019

[…] Awesome conversations on #testingindevops, #moderntesting & more. @tdpauw is a walking encyclopedia of testing & devOps knowledge, so glad to meet him […]

– Lisa Crispin (@lisacrispin), Sept 23, 2019

[…] Thierry is the kindest person I ever met and he has a very deep understanding in everything related to CI/CD

– Krisztina (@YellowBrickC), Nov 29, 2019

you just have prove the first half! 😃 And all of your other tweets and talks are the prove of the second half.

I’m very happy to finally met you in person in Gent even if we hadn’t really the chance to have a relaxed discussion. But it’s ok, we will get to it next time

– Krisztina (@YellowBrickC), Nov 29, 2019

This will be good. In the #ContinuousDelivery community, @tdpauw is the preeminent contemporary thinker on the evils of feature branching

– Steve Smith (@SteveSmith_Tech), Dec 14, 2019


Your CD talks have been consistently excellent.

– Matthew Skelton (@matthewpskelton), Jan 23, 2021

I second that!

– Giovanni Asproni (@gasproni), Jan 23, 2021

I’m not fit for public speaking, what you have achieved as an introvert is amazing

– Guillem Canal (@buraitopengin), Jan 23, 2021

Thank you for sharing your journey it is an inspiration for folks who may feel too shy to speak in public. I haven’t seen you speak but I can see you care a lot about your craft and community and I’m sure you have helped a lot of people by sharing your ideas and experiences.

– David Heath (@dgheath21), Jan 23, 2021

Big hugs to you, my friend. I’m happy we met, and I cherish our joint venture in conference speaking :)


– Tobias Goeschel (@w3ltraumpirat), Jan 26, 2021

I still remember the day we met at @PipelineConf in the hotel lobby for a drink. I was just a participant, eager to get on stage and I feel really welcomed by you to do so the next year! Thank you @tdpauw

– Kenny Baas (@kenny_baas), Jan 26, 2021

People listen to your talk because you are from the field and you tell truth that help us make better choice. Your speech are full of real life experiences and a good amount of humility which create a real connection between you and your audience.

Keep on talking you inspire us!

– Sébastien Barbieri (@scips), Apr 14, 2021

You’re very welcome. I love a good experience report! Sorry I didn’t tag you in the original tweet.

– Daniel Terhorst-North (@tastapod), Jul 16, 2021

It’s great to see how @tdpauw’s low ego, experience-driven approach has sparked so many interesting, respectful conversations about this

– Steve Smith (@SteveSmith_Tech), Jul 16, 2021

A post on the complexity of branching strategies and the fact many teams just take that friction for granted rather than try something simpler.


– DevOps Weekly, #551 Jul 18, 2021

Thanks to @tdpauw and @w3ltraumpirat for your nice little “theatre play” (dialogue) at #SoCraTes2021 on the Theory of Constraints, it was very entertaining and educational. I think “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt will be one of my next reads.

– Stephan Roth (@_StephanRoth), Aug 29, 2021

Sinon vu https://twitter.com/_StephanRoth/status/1431978861940576261 tu deviens un type important. Je vais pouvoir mettre sur mon CV “Je connaissais Thierry de Pauw avant qu’il soit célèbre”

Prochaine étape (et je rigole pas) - tu penses pas à écrire un bouquin (lean mode, en construisant une audience via mailing list, etc)

– Martin V., Aug 30 2021

EWC: when this personality type speaks (or writes), everyone better shut up and listen bc Every Word Counts. 💖

– Cat Swetel (@CatSwetel), Sep 5, 2021

Ik ga morgen je artikel lezen! Ben erg benieuwd, en ik steek van jouw schrijfwerk altijd mooie nieuwe manieren op om het over dingen te hebben…

– Wouter L., Oct 18, 2021

On the Evilness of Feature Branching - Why Do Teams Use Feature Branches. Thierry’s comprehensive and thought-provoking article is definitely a recommended read to get inspired from and improve your delivery pipeline.

– Lisi Hocke (@lisihocke), Recommended Resources on Testing and Quality

[…] additional bonus: Thierry is an amazing human I’m happy to know, and might be up for a conversation about the topic (@tdpauw: Toyer is my learning partner for many years now and an amazing human as well 😉)

– Lisi Hocke (@lisihocke), Nov 24, 2021

I probably haven’t told you enough how much I appreciate everything you do for this company (and when I say that I mean group of individuals). It’s a real pleasure and source of comfort to have you aboard and I just hope you feel the same way

– Guillaume d., Nov 25, 2021

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you from me and the team for all your support this year. We had our team retrospective the other week, and we make a post it tree of all the great things from the year - and your name was on our tree :)

– Allison B., Dec 22, 2021

All over the world, @tdpauw! Thank you for all that you do.

– Paul Julius (@PaulJulius), Feb 9, 2022

Thierry de laatste dagen/ weken ben je echt in een flow. Wat je schrijft de laatste weken, is close to geniaal. Elke keer er boink op.

– Yves H., Feb 14, 2022

you ve been extremely caring and a breath of fresh air in this sea of unkind macho type latin men.

– Paula, Feb 14, 2022

Yours is so much better.

I used 1000 words more to say less.

Very well written!

– Anton Stöckl (@TonyBologni), Feb 14, 2022

Tu pense refaire du speaking à un moment ? Ou écrire un livre (je rigole pas tu as le matos)

– Martin V., Feb 15, 2022

Ah Twitter vient seulement de me montrer ta réponse. Congrats on being… “blunt”.

Et les quotes tweets sont élogieux (à raison t’as fait un solide debunk)

1/le sujet est hot 2/le initial take est contreversial 3/Tu as réussi à être brutal dans l’accroche (“bullshit”) mais après à fournir une réponse argumentée et documentée. Sans le brutal, tu n’auras pas suscité l’intérêt (désolé c’est pas moi qui fait les règles), mais tu as pu articuler aussi une réponse détaillée et pas en rester là. Nice job

– Martin V., Feb 15, 2022

Thx Thierry! 💛

I decided I just add my thoughts on some aspects and otherwise link to great material, like yours and Fowlers.

– Anton Stöckl (@TonyBologni), Feb 19, 2022

It’s an honour being mentioned next to Martin.

You are too kind, Anton!

– Me

Don’t be too humble! :-)

– Anton Stöckl (@TonyBologni), Feb 19, 2022

Reactions on publishing this:

Seeing your journey from being embarassed at any positive feedback to listing your accomplishments is so, so cool.

Keep them coming!

Martin Van Aken, Feb 21, 2022

Another inspiring example on how @tdpauw leads the way.

Making me think about a kindness journal too.


– Yves Hanoulle (@YvesHanoulle), Feb 21, 2022

It’s ok to be proud of your achievements! To do it in a way that spreads kindness in a medium that so often feeds off malice takes real skill. Well done @tdpauw !


– Gerald Benischke (@giskard23), Feb 22, 2021

Retweeting this so more people follow Thierry. Worth your time.


– Marc Burgauer (@somesheep), Feb 23, 2022

I haven’t seen these two coming …

Thierry is the 2022 authority on trunk-based development that we all need, in these dark times 🙇


– Steve Smith (@SteveSmith_Tech), Aug 31, 2022

As usual interesting ideas from @tdpauw, this time on TBD & Code reviews. I really like the sound of the non-block approach, at least for teams that won’t do pairing or mobbing. I have never tried that! Thanks Thierry.


– Dave Farley (@davefarley77), Oct 3, 2022

Some more kindness received during FlowCon France

More #FlowConFR behind the scenes: @tdpauw’s supporters taking place before everybody in the amphitheater for his talk on Continuous Delivery cc @SteveSmith_Tech @YellowBrickC @malk_zameth


– Quê Minh VO (@anna_qm), Oct 19

« I’m being vulnerable because the alternative is to be an impostor » — @tdpauw #FlowConFR

Being vulnerable

– Romeu Moura (@malk_zameth), Oct 19, 2022

[editor note : daaaamn I love that phrase 😍🥰]

– Romeu Moura (@malk_zameth), Oct 19, 2022

I do love it a lot too, thanks for sharing

– Radwane Hassen (@radwane_h), Oct 19, 2022

Same here! 🥰 So powerful! ❤️ Thank you so much for being a role model @tdpauw and for sharing it here @malk_zameth 🙇‍♀️

– Cosima Laube (@CosimaLaube), Oct 19, 2022

Heuh … role model … me … ??? 😳

you’re too kind, Cosima! 😊

– Me

Yes, for me you are one. 😊

(and I’d bet for a couple of others, too :-))

– Cosima Laube (@CosimaLaube), Oct 19, 2022

The #1 speaker on #ContinuousDelivery in 2022 🏅. Go see @tdpauw at a conference when you can #FlowConFR

The #1 speaker on Continuous Delivery

– Steve Smith (@SteveSmith_Tech), Oct 19, 2022

@tdpauw enlightening talk about how to move from yearly releases to nightly releases at @FlowConFR !! Crisp & insightful 🤩⭐️🙏 #FlowConFR

– Rachel Jolin Dubois (@duboisrachel), Oct 19, 2022

Thank YOU for coming on stage and sharing your experience! 🙌

– Sara Dufour (@ComSaraDufour), Oct 24, 2022

Kindness received during KanDDDinsky

💜 Love the fine humour and storytelling from @tdpauw with ‘From bi-annual to fortnightly releases in 4 months for 15 teams and a single monolith’ at #KanDDDinsky 🐙

No 5mins in the session and I already had to smile a couple of times! 😊😁🙇‍♀️

– Cosima Laube (she/her) (@CosimaLaube), Nov 1, 2022

“I’ll start by being vulnerable, because the alternative is a being an imposter”

@tdpauw opening strong!

– Marijn Huizendveld (@huizendveld), Nov 1, 2022

Great talk by @tdpauw at @KanDDDinsky! An amazing example of the great systemic results of applying the theory of constraints! Impressive!

– Marco Consolaro (@consolondon), Nov 1, 2022

I was so happy when you joined us for dinner! Glad to have met you in real life finally!!! 🙌 See you soon hopefully!

– Marco Consolaro (@consolondon), Nov 2, 2022

I have been to one of your meetup. Watched several of your conferences on YouTube. Not only you are good, you are very good.

– Arnaud (@arnz72), Dec 11, 2022

Lovely to see @tdpauw speaking at #cfgmgmtcamp - such a considered speaker

– simonmcc (@simonmcc), Feb 6, 2023

Il faut vraiment que je le fasse, ce brag doc.

J’ai fini le module de Management et Gestion de projet pour des Licence 3 à @IUT_Sceaux.

Je suis plutôt contente !

Un peu plus d’infos sur les contenus ici (pour les curieux·ses) : https://t.co/ije8WdKwHx

– Sara Dufour (@ComSaraDufour), May 31 2023

Bravo Sara! Très important le brag doc! Quand tu as un coup de mou ou que tu t’interroge sur ta contribution ou impact, le relire permet de se re-étalonner. Moi, c’est un témoignage de @b0rk qui m’a encouragé à démarrer 😉

– Philippe Ensarguet (@P_Ensarguet), May 31 2023

Merci Philippe ! Oui c’est ce que je me dis… C’est @tdpauw qui m’a fait connaître 🤓

– Sara Dufour (@ComSaraDufour), May 31 2023

Kindness after my expression of failure at #AlpesCraft …

You turning something that you dislike into a new goal.

So you, so pretty much you 😍

Oh yeah, doing stuff that is hard for you while charmingly telling the world to inspire people to do the same.

– Christina E., Jun 10, 2023

Lean Agile Scotland 2023

Epic talk by Thierry de Pauw about Conways Law or rather the relationship between system and organisations architecture

#systemdesign #Transformation #changemangement

Marcel Britsch, Sept 12, 2023

How often do we restructure our organisation without redesigning our product architecture?


and yet we wonder why reorgs don’t result in fundamental changes in delivery - throughput, outcomes, all the things

Org structures and ops models need to co-evolve with product architecture

And yet we don’t bring architects into org design discussions

We also don’t tend to start small, we design orgs and architecture big, upfront

So much to think about with this fantastic talk by Thierry de Pauw #lascot

Neha Datt, Sept 12, 2023

It was a great talk, Thierry. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Lean Agile Scotland, Sept 12, 2023

Both Woody’s and Thierry’s talks were brilliant

Sept 13, 2023

Lean Agile Scotland 2023 feedback wall

Follow the #lascot hashtag this week – and @tdpauw in particular. Lean Agile Scotland is one of our field’s wonders!

– Ruth Malan (@RuthMalan@mastodon.social), Sept 13, 2023

The live posting of @tdpauw makes me want to go to #lascot very hard

– Claudius Link (@realn2s@infosec.exchange), Sept 15, 2023

Thanks a lot for the wonderful summary of my talk, Thierry.

– Susanne Kaiser (@suksr@mastodon.social), Sept 14, 2023

Thank you for great talks!

Esther Stringer, Sept 16, 2023

Thanks for your talk on Tuesday night - it was great, and very practically useful to get language around systems vs organisations.

Nicholas Shearer, Sept 16, 2023

Thank you for bringing “Shades of Conway’s Law” to the pre-conference, Thierry. It was an intriguing topic! I would love to hear more. 🙂

TingTing Li, Sept 18, 2023

My decision to step back from volunteering work in the community.

Hugs 🤗 Thierry de Pauw the community is better because of your contributions.

Hibri Marzook, Sept 25, 2023

I’m always impressed by your thoughtfulness, self awareness, and courage to make a tough decision (or delay it!). Please let me know if I can support from afar!

Olivia Vick, Sept 25, 2023

Safe journey Thierry. The community is right behind you in this decision. Do what is right for you.

Mark Dalgarno, Sept 25, 2023

Agile Cambridge 2023

Cat Swetel at Agile Cambridge??!! So jelly!

And @tdpauw does such a great job live-posting conferences!

It’s Friday. Good day to follow @tdpauw!

– Ruth Malan (@RuthMalan@mastodon.social), Sept 29, 2023

I wanted to say that you’re a very kind and interesting person, and I’m glad we “met”.

– Neomeris, Oct 20, 2023

Agile Testing Days 2023

I am so glad we got to meet again @tdpauw.bsky.social :)

We must bump into each other more often :)

– Gitte Klitgaard (@nativewired.bsky.social), Nov 17, 2023

I’m in awe of how you handled the terrible technical difficulties with the conference A/V and delivered such a positive and inspiring story! One of my #AgileTD highlights!

Lisa Crispin, Nov 17, 2023

I absolutely agree with Lisa. I took a lot of inspiration from your talk and it was so easy and fun to listen to you!

Kaiken Jung, Nov 20, 2023

I’m a nobody …

That’s kind of the same for all pioneers in a less known field… it’s only years later people recognise the importance of the contributions of some individuals that were ahead of their times… keep on focussing and deepening on quality… adoption is largely out of your control… ;-)

of course you should…

Example… what about your non-blocking continuous code reviews concept…

Stefan De Moerloose, Dec 22, 2023

You’re a somebody to me Thierry ! And many others in the industry who know you and your contributions. Your work is invaluable, your humility admirable. I have mentioned you and sent your work to several colleagues. Most importantly you’re the nicest person I know! Happy New Year with your loved ones 🤗 🎉 🎊

Çiğdem Saka Jackson, Dec 22, 2023

And FWIW you are a name that comes to mind when I think of who I need to engage as I start some follow up work on. the SCM patterns.

Steve Berczuk, Dec 22, 2023

It seems shallow (understanding of) concepts spreads faster than the hard-core engineering work.

You’re talking about concepts that are hard to grasp for people who don’t do the work (but like to play around with fantasies about agility) or don’t want to do the work (being comfortable with the fore-mentioned fantasies).

Among the knowledgeable, you’re very well known. It’s alas a small crew of pioneers and pirates 😁

When I mention a Nicole Forsgren for example, with all her research and books: nobody knows her… I don’t get it either, but I consider you at that level !

Olivier Costa, Dec 22, 2023

I read and listen to what you say, and forward the stuff I find relevant to my followers and collegues.

What I say and talk about is a summary of all my inputs, and you are one that gives me input.

Keep it up ❤️

Terje Heen, Dec 22, 2023

At BREWT everyone knows and respects you. It might not feel like much but to us your presence is always valued. You’re always welcome at our meetups … it’s a community that sees you and values you.

Geert van de Lisdonk, Dec 22, 2023

Rant about conferences requiring submitters to submit an intro-video

Conference organizers that insist on this, clearly haven’t seen you in action, Thierry 😉. It would be really unfortunate to miss out on inspirational speakers like yourself due to hurdles like that. Thanks for sharing!

– Tom De Raedt, Jan 16, 2024

Speaking at the CfgMgmtCamp 2024 single track.

Good Luck! I’ve not heard you speak, but you clearly know your stuff.

you raise the key issues and ask the right questions. Which is hard to do out of ignorance. And you are humble.

– Steve Berczuk, Feb 5, 2024

I’ve heard Thierry de Pauw speak and I can confirm he is a great speaker who knows his stuff.

Giovanni Asproni, Feb 7, 2024

Well, as someone who’s met you and seen you talk: you’ll do fantastic, I like your presentation style and am a super fan of your blog posts, so extrapolating from that: you’ll rock it.

Gerald Benischke, Feb 11, 2024