3M EUR later: Moving a team to become Agile in a Company with Too Much Money

How do you go from a ragtag of people having no idea what it means to be Agile, stuck in eternal maintenance and operational work, applying none of the basic software engineering practices to a team of DevOps delivering value for their customers in sprints of 2 weeks ?

Imagine a very profitable company with hardly no competition that made waterfall an institution.

This is the story of one team within that company. Imagine a team that is not really a team, but a bunch of people that happened to have the same manager. No-one knew what the other was doing. Each one was managing his application, or worse part of an application. A bunch of technologies was used. Automated tests, version control and process were totally inexistent. Internal customers were trained to wait forever for new functionality or worse received functionality the developer thought was good for them.

I would like to share with you how this team became in 3 years one of the most Agile teams of that company. What were the problems this team encountered and why.

  • @ XPDays Benelux 2015