Keynote: Everyone is a Leader

Leadership is one the most significant challenges to business agility adoption faced by organizations. It’s is a key factor―individuals who welcome complexity and know how to leverage influence, culture, and organizational design to align widely distributed teams are integral to the success

Tip 1: Agile is not a goal!!

It is the best way to how to achieve some of our goals 💪

Why do you want to be agile? We don’t know. Someone said so 🤷 well, you will fail

Because you don’t know how to measure success

Traditional org

-> managers, managers, dept manager, managers, managers all the way up

Agile transformation

-> Who is responsible?

The teams are responsible. Yeah, but teams can’t be responsible. Only a single person can be responsible

Agile org

-> collaborative, creative and adaptive network

Tip 2: Leaders need change first

The org will follow

Now leaders are not necessarily managers

Everyone can be a leader, has some power of influence

Yes, there is a risk …

That is the secret: leaders need to change first -> creates a sustainable environment, the org follows

We can make our own decisions. Isn’t that great? Unless we don’t know where we need to go. Common purpose.


Always have a Vision!

and Feedback

and Coaching & facilitation

What do you need to change to become an leader?

People talk about vision. But what you really need: Have a dream. Something that wakes you up

Without that dream, we’ll burn out 🔥


Traditional orgs define process and tell: follow it. But that doesn’t work. That is not collaboration. That is individual.

Only true collaboration: we do it together

there is no ownership, it is co-ownership

It is hard. Requires Autonomy! And trust!

Once there is trust, transparency is necessary. That is scary.

The highest the trust, the bigger the transparency can be.

Autonomy has boundaries -> it is about relationships

Speaking about relationship we need to look at teams from a system perspective

Complex systems: who knows what is right or what is wrong?

There is no right, no wrong.

But everyone is right, but only partially


human orgs focus too much on structure and process and forget about mindset and safety

How to balance between structure and mindset: don’t be afraid to experiment!

When you experiment, you do 10 different things and only 2 will work. But we try very little things and learn from it. Not very risk full.

Tip 3: Everyone is a leader. But the biggest goal is how to help others to become a leader.

Start little.

Expert: I know how

Achiever: I set goals

Catalyst: I create space

Forget that you have the ideal solution in your mind. It won’t work like that.

Grow as a leader


Agile is not a goal. Be agile. Leaders need to change first Everyone is a leader.