Continuous Delivery

Non-Blocking Continuous Code Reviews - a Case Study

Jan 6, 2024 • 1 min

The problem with the current most commonly accepted way of running code reviews using Pull Requests is that they have the nasty habit of blocking the flow of delivery. They introduce a cost of delay. Any delay reduces feedback. Consequently, it drives down quality.

Non-Blocking, Continuous Code Reviews - a case study

May 2, 2023 • 7 min

The usual way to achieve fast Continuous Code Reviews is through Pair Programming or Ensemble Programming. In this article, I will share a less common approach to Continuous Code Reviews using Non-Blocking Reviews.

You Are What You Eat - How Branching Affects Team Culture

May 7, 2022 • 2 min

Your branching strategy is an extremely important choice to make. In this talk I hope to show how a change of branching strategy can actually change your team’s mindset. Specifically I look at a shift from a feature branching strategy to a trunk based strategy affected the team. In my view these changes were for the better and I guess most at PIPELINE will agree but I leave that for others to decide on this occasion.

Nine ways to fail at Cloud Native

Feb 10, 2022 • 12 min

Cloud native is the perfect recipe for innovation, adaptability and engineering excellence – when it goes right. When it’s not right, it can be a monster spaghetti, a quality headache, and frustratingly inflexible. Why so negative?

Continuous Delivery - Sounds Great but It Won't Work Here

Dec 11, 2021 • 20 min

Over the last 7 years I have heard lots of reasons on why people can’t do Continuous Delivery. This is my summary of these reasons and why they are wrong.

Acceptance Testing for Continuous Delivery

Jul 18, 2021 • 10 min

Dave Farley describes approaches to acceptance testing that allow teams to work quickly and effectively, build functional coverage tests and maintain those tests throughout change.

Continuous Delivery and Conway’s Law

May 13, 2021 • 26 min

This is a full transcript of Allan Kelly’s “Continuous Delivery and Conway’s Law” at the LondonCD Meetup. It gives an in-depth overview of what Conway’s Law is, how it impacts organisational and system design and how it relates to Continuous Delivery.

Scrum Master Toolbox Interview - Continuous Delivery for Scrum teams

Feb 22, 2021 • 0 min

Back in October 2019, Vasco Duarte wanted to perform a bonus series on Continuous Delivery for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. By chance, I got part of this series.

Measuring Continuous Delivery

Nov 16, 2020 • 21 min

This is a full write out, almost word for word, of Steve Smith’s presentation ‘Measuring Continuous Delivery’ at Pipeline Conf 2017. I’ve written this presentation down, together with the first version of this presentation at the LondonCD meetup, to be better prepared to review Steve’s book Measuring Continuous Delivery.

From twice a year to twice a month: the story of No More Majors

Sep 12, 2019 • 0 min

The Belgian Federal Pension Service (SFPD) has a large IT department with more than a dozen teams working on the same application. Over the course of a few years, these teams developed an agile way of working at the team level but were struggling to work effectively on a larger scale.

From bi-annual to fortnightly releases in 4 months for 15 teams and a single monolith

Sep 6, 2019 • 1 min

15 teams, 1 shared monolith, 1 release every 6 months, and product demand for 1 release every 2 weeks. How do you know where to start with Continuous Delivery, when you’re surrounded by technology and organisational challenges?

Interview with Thierry de Pauw — about his journey with Continuous Delivery

Oct 2, 2018 • 17 min

In this post, Leena interviews Thierry de Pauw, a Software Engineer who coaches on Continuous Delivery and other Software Engineering Practices. His focus is helping teams to improve the flow of software delivery.

Continuous Delivery is more than just Tooling, It's a Mindset

May 3, 2016 • 0 min

So your organisation wants to implement Continuous Delivery. But is your organisation ready for this ? Does it have the right mindset ? To be successful with Continuous Delivery, you have to adopt the proper mindset as a whole organisation. Just throwing tools at it will not do the job.

Facts and Fallacies of Continuous Delivery

Nov 2, 2015 • 0 min

Continuous Delivery brings a lot of value to your organisation. It will allow you to reduce your time to market for new features and bug fixes. It is a significant predictor of company performance.