Non-Blocking Continuous Code Reviews - a Case Study

The problem with the current most commonly accepted way of running code reviews using Pull Requests is that they have the nasty habit of blocking the flow of delivery. They introduce a cost of delay. Any delay reduces feedback. Consequently, it drives down quality.

The usual way to achieve fast efficient and effective Continuous Code Reviews without disrupting the flow of delivery is through Pair Programming or Team Programming. However, for various valid reasons, these are often a cultural stretch for many teams and organisations.

In 2012, a novice team practising trunk-based development put in place a fairly uncommon but efficient alternative to implementing continuous code reviews on mainline without ever blocking the flow of delivery. This team went from a bunch of rag-tags to becoming a reference team in the organisation, with auditors falling on the floor because of the amount of quality the team delivered.

TLDR; by Michael Lihs on LinkedIn