Speaking at EuroSTAR Conference 2020

This week I will be speaking at EuroSTAR Conference 2020.

I’m delighted to be part of this years edition. Especially because it seems my topics are a hard sell for testing conferences. This will only be my second time I’m presenting at testers’ conference.

So, I’m looking forward to get involved, learn and connect with the testers community from across the globe. I have a lot of respect for this community. Any time I had the chance to have testers in the team, we delivered better products.

Join me for my talk Continuous Delivery in 4 Months for 15 Teams and their 1 Monolith.

Attendees will learn how to:

  1. Use the Improvement Kata to introduce change at scale.
  2. Run a Value Stream Mapping workshop to understand the current situation.
  3. Use the Theory of Constraints to identify which activity should be improved first and which experiment will be most likely to succeed.

You can find my session here in the conference programme.

EuroSTAR Talks I am looking forward to

  1. Strategic Testing Master Class by Fiona Charles

    I’m currently helping a fintech startup. Introducing bugs is bad. Having a data security breach is probably the worst thing that could overcome us. Being a startup we have limited resources.

    Getting a quality, secure product on a frequent basis out is challenging. So I’m hoping to find some answers on how we can make the best use of our time to drive down our risks.

  2. The Peltzman Effect – Why Adding more Test Phases may not Reduce Bugs by Andrew Brown

    I love presentations that debunks commonly accepted practices. In this case: adding more testing phases to reduce bugs. And present non-intuitive alternatives. Less testing phases will actually decrease bugs.

    I wasn’t aware this is called the The Peltzman Effect or Risk Compensation. I’ve already learned a thing.

  3. Case Study of Bug Hunting: A Wild MissingNo Appeared! by Beren Van Daele and Andreas Faes

    Because it is a case study.

    I might be biased. I know both Beren and Andreas from the BREWT - Software Testing Meetup in Ghent, Belgium.

EuroSTAR 2020 Track Talks